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PYT at Dapdune Wharf, Guildford

As a Guildford-based youth theatre, we love being able to perform locally. Last year, we performed 'The Wind in the Willows' at Dapdune Wharf and we asked Sarah Crawcour, their Visitor Experience Manager, what she thought about our youth theatre production.

'We had Prologue performing The Wind in the Willows at Dapdune Wharf last summer.

Summer? It poured with rain for most of the performances! I loved the can-do spirit and positive energy of the whole team. No July showers were going to ruin the performances for them! Working with them leading up to the event was so easy and pleasant – I really looked forward to doing it all again this year, and now can’t wait to see how it goes in July… they are such a great team to work with!'

We enjoyed our time on our collaboration of our summer production, The Wind in the Willows 2021, and are looking forward to Alice in Wonderland 2022!

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