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Meet our brilliant group assistants!

At Prologue, we're always looking for opportunities to offer our members. This year, three of our 6th Form group are working with us as group assistants for some of our younger groups. We asked them to tell us a little bit about their experience so far.

'I applied to be a group assistant at Prologue because I wanted to share my love of drama and to help foster the safe, accepting environment which I have so greatly appreciated in my experience as a company member, and, with many thanks to my wonderful Prologue Leader, I would say that this first half term has more than fulfilled that wish. Watching the growth of the group I assist as they become more comfortable with one another - gaining confidence in themselves and their ideas, and seeing things through different perspectives - has been more rewarding than I had ever imagined. '

'I’ve wanted to be an assistant ever since I started youth theatre in year 6. I could see the excitement of working with such creative directors and talented young people. I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw this opportunity, and to get the job is a dream come true. So far the sessions have exceeded my expectations and long-lasting excitement. After witnessing how clever and imaginative our youth theatre is I come out of each session beaming with creativity and such joy. I love theatre that challenges and pushes boundaries; to witness that each session makes my week so much better.'

'Since joining Youth Theatre, I have loved the accepting and encouraging environment it provides, allowing me to make lifelong friendships and participate in the excitement of a show. Long story short, I’ve been on an incredible journey learning from older members and having so much fun, which is the reason I applied to become an Assistant in the hope that others will share my experience. So far, as a Prologue Assistant, it has been amazing to see a different perspective in creating Theatre and give back to the Theatre Company I love so much. It is been a joy to support and encourage younger members of the Company and definitely learn from them too!'

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