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Education and schools workshops

“Our students were transported impressively… they were visited by some passing players who were handily able to perform a workshop, reinforcing their learning about Knights and Castles”
-Longacre Junior School

At Prologue Youth Theatre Company we are passionate about delivering high-quality, engaging and accessible projects to schools and colleges. We provide bespoke and tailor-made educational workshops to primary and secondary schools.

Our dedicated team of practitioners support teachers and students through our workshop sessions, which provide a fun and practical accompaniment to the curriculum.

We use the most up-to-date curriculum guidance to ensure that our workshops strike the perfect balance between entertainment and education. 

To find out about what development workshops and sessions we have on offer, please book a meeting with us so we can see how we can work together to create something tailored for your school.

For any information about the projects, contact our Education Department - or use the online form below.

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