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A compilation of Out-of-Context Quotes from rehearsals of Alice in Wonderland!

“Duchess and Cook, can you go behind Mock Turtle and Gryphon? Thank you.”

“I feel the flute is far too sensible an instrument”

“Get into your squares and lobster pose!”

“I feel that Dodo, Lory and Duck would make a great name for a law firm”

“Where in the space is the action from this scene happening? Am I in a hedge at the moment?”

“Alastair’s in the river”

“Ellie’s playing the part of Wilf today”


“Can the flamingo have a crown, please?”

“Dee is going to become a hedgehog”

“I’m obsessed with this group of flamingos”

“Ready! Aim! FLAMINGO!”

“The slow-mo sequence starts at the point of flamingo contact”

“Can I hide behind you?”

“Can Dum and Dee have a backpack? Think DofE vibes!”

“The jam tarts need to be gluten free? I’ll put it on the rehearsal notes…”

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